"Roll the Feet, Roll the Feet / STAY IN THE FIGHT, STAY IN THE FIGHT!!!!!


In have known AA for over five years. In that time, I had the privilege of watching AA impart his passion for SWAT operations to countless students. Never have I known any instructor so dedicated to officer survival. Although some instructors have recently adopted the slogan, "Stay In The Fight", AA has been teaching this mindset to Operators for years. In fact, he not only encourages Operators to, "Stay In The Fight", he demands it! I have observed him make new Operators good, and good Operators great. I would recommend to any one who is in the business of Tactical Operations to attend training conducted by AA Boone

Jason Bullard
Consultant at Operator Safety Solutions, LLC

AA is a great, highly motivated instructor and an even better person. You won't go wrong if you bring in his training. I have had several classes with him. It is very good training and I wouldn't trade the things he teaches for anything. Stay in the fight!!

Keith Eury
Police Major

One of the very best trainers I have ever worked with... If you want your team highly motivated and trained in real world tactics, Boone is your man. He has the training and experience to back everything he delivers. I've taken many of his courses myself and also taught along side of him for many years at The North Carolina Justics Academy. In addition, I know the men and women he has served with and the reputation he has made for himself as on of the very best Operators and Instructors in our field. You simply will not find a better tactical instructor anywhere on the planet.

Jesse "Coy" Poole
Law Enforcement Professional

I credit Double A with teaching me more than I could list in this recommendation. He is one of the most motivating, innovative and tactically sound operators and trainers in the world - period! I recommend him for any law enforcement or tactical training that you or your organization would ever want. Get ready, though, because he brings the heat! You had better be ready to push your body and skills to the next level. Most of all, Double A taught me to 'Stay in the Fight'!

Michael Macario
Owner/Chief Instructor at Life Protection Skills Training Center

Alvin Boone is a diligent Instructor who brings insight and energy to the classroom. His experience and knowledge in his field shows a dedication to be desired by all. As a student in Alvin Boone's numerous classes, he consistantly demonstrates a constant air of professionalism. It is with great pride that I give my recommendation.

Victor Chavez
Police Officer/K9 Handler at Fayetteville Police Dept.

As a shift supervisor with the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office, I am pleasured to recommend to you AA.Boone. I have attended many tactical training courses taught by Mr. Boone over the last 5 years. I have also had the pleasure of serving as a member the North Carolina Tactical Officers Association which he led as lead trainer and president for many years.

I whole heartedly would without any reservation recommend AA.Boone to you. I am sure his vast knowledge and experience would be a tremendous asset to you and your organization.

Neil Funderburk
Sergeant at Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office

Alvin is extremely DEDICATED to providing the best and most up to date training to the officers of the Raleigh Police Department. Alvin's integrity is second to none and I would recommend him for anything if you want it done right!

Eric Gray
District Captain for the Northeast District

A. A. Boone, d.b.a., Specialized Realistic Training (SRT), Inc., exemplifies the highest standards of personal integrity, subject-matter knowledge & expertise, preparedness, thoroughness in delivery, safety, competency and professionalism in the delivery of realistic, relevant and timely law enforcement tactical / special operations training. A. A. Boone transmits his lifetime of personal experience, professional training and education with a passionate commitment toward increasing the ability of the Officer / Operator to surpass mere survival... prevailing against any threat(s) that may arise by providing proper, efficient and effective training with a high-gain return on investment (ROI). A. A. Boone manifests the meaning of the Official Motto for the State of North Carolina... Esse quam videri (To be rather than to appear to be). He is the genuine tactical trainer who not only "talks the talk, but walks the walk," as he prepares his students / peers to "Stay in the fight!" (Subsisto in punga) with the reminder that "The only easy day... was yesterday!"

Mitch Boudrot
Law Enforcement Training Program (LETP) Director, Coordinator/Instructor Tactical Operations

​I have worked with Alvin as a Co-Worker and Instructor. I have also been one of his students in SWAT Training. He is one of the most Professional, Knowledgeable and Driven Officer/Instructors that I have ever met in my 30 years of Public Safety/Emergency Services experience. He really puts his students first and does everything in his power to get the best out of them to make them a safer and more competent officer.

I highly recommend Alvin Boone and his company Specialized Realistic Training

Robert Mclaughlin Jr.
Emergency Management Coordinator, NC Central University Police/Emergency Management

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